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Death by Disco - Midnight Menu- TOKiMONSTA 


Alberto Delmonte (Argentinian, 1933-2005), Dia - Noche, 2002. Oil on canvas, 76 x 60 cm.
"BECAUSE Mexican mass culture is antiblack and colourist as fuck (just look at telenovelas). So much so that Afromexicans in Mexico City are thought of as “costeños” and “just really dark” erasing of their African identity (this I know from growing up there) and mexican people whose indigenous features are more visible, continue to be discriminated. 
Whites/white-passing Mexicans are mainly middle/high class almost all of the time. Most of our barrios have been historically poor, where less-white looking Mexicans were relegated to. 
Basically same shit, different country"


Sing it child

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you already know
photo by milly cope

Torkil Gudnason for Mademoiselle Magazine, March 1984.

Brett Whiteley (Australian, 1939-1992), Ile St Louis, 1990. Oil, pencil, ink and mixed media on canvas, 35 x 26 cm.

Anne Lise Maulin @ One Management